Artistic Director Job Opening

o 02/15/19 Application Deadline – Please submit a Cover Letter & Resume

o 03/01/19 Internally Review resumes & Select interview candidates

o 03/01-03/15/19 Video or in-person interviews

o 03/25-04/05/19 in person/conducting interviews

o 07/01/19 Beginning of yearly contract ( planning Fall session, which begins mid-Sept.)


Job Advertisement:

Over our first 18 years, MCC has become a “family” of choirs that includes the
90+ voice non-auditioned choir, an auditioned-from-within 24 voice Chamber
Chorale, a choir for Adults with Disabilities (M-Power Voices) and a seasonal
(Spring sessions only for now) 45+ voice Womens’ Ensemble.
Position pays +/- $8000, depending upon experience, and begins September

Weekly rehearsals are scheduled Thursdays, mid-Sept. through May, with two
concert “sessions”, one in December and the second in spring.  The current
AD conducts both the Community and Chamber choirs. We have Associate
Conductors who are interested in either retiring or making a lateral move
within the organization, so the right person could negotiate assuming
conducting duties for more than the Community and Chamber choirs, with
appropriate adjustment in compensation.

Requirements include an advanced degree in choral conducting, minimum 5
years experience conducting High School, College, or Adult choral groups as
well as experience conducting collaborative orchestral and instrumental
groups, excellent communication and pedagogy skills, strong leadership
ability and a commitment to encouraging community building through music.
More information available at

Please direct all inquiries to:
Search Committee, Missoula Community Chorus
1001 E Broadway, #610
Missoula MT 59802
or email Robbin Rose, MCC President, at:

Job Description:

The Conductor of the Missoula Community Chorus (MCC) is responsible and
accountable for leadership, artistic operation and musical development of the
chorus. The Conductor works in close consultation with the Board of Directors
and the Chorus Manager, and is involved in all aspects of chorus operations and
public relations.

The Conductor’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:
1. Selects music and theme for each session in a timely manner. Repertoire
selections for fall session will be finalized by July 15. Selections for spring
session will be finalized by November 15.
2. Chooses a diverse performance repertoire
3. Selects repertoire that challenges and inspires performers
4. Selects repertoire that attracts audiences
5. Selects repertoire for special events such as outreach concerts and
chamber chorale performances
6. Production of program notes for concerts
Musical Leadership
1. Prepares and directs rehearsals and performances
2. Attends at least 90% of rehearsals and provides adequate notice for
3. Maintains good interpersonal skills and positive atmosphere in rehearsals
4. Is dedicated to artistic achievement by amateur performers
5. Works with singers of varying levels of musical training
6. Is available to Chorus members for music-related issues
7. Demonstrates musicianship in interpretation and adaptations of pieces
8. Rehearses chorus in an efficient manner
9. Maintains good working relationship with accompanist
10. Selects and secures soloists and instrumentalists for concerts
11. Rehearses soloists and instrumentalists in preparation for concerts
12. Supervises all recording activities
13. Auditions all prospective members of the chamber chorale
14. Conducts chamber chorale rehearsals and performances
15. Evaluates singer readiness if there is a question of their preparation and
determines eligibility for participation in performances

1. Serves as an advisory member of the Board of Directors at monthly
meetings and annual retreats
2. Establishes rapport with all members of the Board of Directors
3. Maintains ongoing communication with Board of Directors and Chorus Manager
1. Collaborates with Chorus Manager in planning and executing special
2. Selects most appropriate venue for performances
3. Works with Chorus manager and/or other staff to determine performance
stage set-up
4. Investigates cost-effective resources for music and instrumentalists
5. Follows and stays within the approved annual budget
Public Relations
1. Acts as a spokesperson for the organization and its mission via speaking
engagements, public and social appearances and at fundraising events
and solicitations
2. Fosters the development of good relations with other cultural
organizations by participating in meetings and joint activities where
1. Maintains professionalism in all MCC activities and communications
2. Cultivates a strong working relationship with musicians and music
educators in the community
3. Participates in musical and professional organizations locally and
The Conductor shall receive an annual written performance appraisal given by
the Chorus Manager in consultation with the Board of Directors. This review will
be based on the individual’s job description and occur before distribution of any
bonuses or renewal of contract.


Policies & Procedures Manual

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